About Us


Westford International Training College was founded by a team of progressive professionals with vast experience in respective fields and a deep passion for all round professional training and success. We pride ourselves of a strong team of Qualified, professional and experienced lecturers and support staff. The college is run on a strong foundation of values that not only ensure harmony but also positively transform and influence all the players by setting pace for new trend, practices and meaning of training. Since inception in 2006 we have experienced tremendous growth and unrivalled long term loyalty among our current and former students.


Delivering success


To be student focused college offering value added knowledge, skills training and active career development thus making our graduates more competitive in the job market

Core values

  • Professionalism, responsibility, support and encouragement
  • Initiative, research, creativity, flexibility and dedication
  • Integrity, loyalty, compassion, humility and honesty
  • Justice, fairness and transparency