Community Development / Social Work

What does your future look like in the field of community development / socialwork?

Do you have passion to serve the community within which you live and make adifference in people's lives? Do you have a dream to become a professional ProgrammeOfficer, Project Manager, Project Coordinator or generally a Social DevelopmentManagement specialist? Then you will be in right company taking a course with us inCommunity Development and Social Work. We will equip you with the philosophies,principles attitudes to serve in areas such as Humanitarian Aid, Community BasedInterventions, Community empowerment, Advocacy & advancing policy. You will be ableto work in Government Departments, NGOs, International Civil Service, Faith BasedInstitutions and Health Institutions. You will acquire skills needed to educate,inform and mobilize the community towards sustainable development projects. Call usnow for more information

Courses Level: Certificates and Diplomas

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